Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How To Live A Successful Life

By Syed Muzaffar Aqleem Tirmizi

Only a few changes in daily routine and slight change in the way you think and do your activities will change your destination from failure to success.

Not one ever thinks or wants to fail in life. Everyone wants their life to be filled with joy and happiness. However, not everyone is living a happy life. Statistically only 5.9 % of the people around the world are living the life which the dreamt of and rest 94 % of the people are struggling through there life.

You must have spent some time thinking about it why is it that way? Well the answer to the question is not all that difficult, infect its very easy. The only difference between success and failure is the implementation and persistence.

Many of us know what activities are good for us and which skills are required to achieve success in life. Many of us have even started to walk on the path to success but after sometime for one reason or the other we have stopped.

Another factor that leads to disappointment and failure is the fact that people attend the meetings , Seminars or Conferences and they know that whatever that was discussed there is something that could change their life too. However, as soon as they go outside the start living the life as they used to with almost zero change in there daily routine.

Implementation is what got the 5.9 % of the successful people their success. Now next time if you come across some idea or activity that you know hold immense significance to change your life then take that step, attend that seminar. You have to make time for such activities. Furthermore, not only you need to attend such events or listen to motivational and inspirational speeches but you have to take the initiative to implement all those things into you life too.

This Implementation part will not lead to success right a way. The results might take some time but if you stay persistent enough and you have crossed the initial hiccups then you are surely on your way to changing your life and joining that small group of people who enjoy their life at fullest.

Syed Muzaffar Aqleem Tirmizi is part of the operational management in leading cellular operator in Pakistan, specializing in providing training solutions for individuals, teams and organizations. He also specializes in training needs, analysis and mentoring. Has a very energetic and motivating style with a strong focus on exceeding the organizational expectation and with his infectious energy he empowers other individuals to achieve their full potential. For your training needs or operational analysis could be contacted at http://www.ma-tirmizi.com or visit http://www.tirmizifinancials.com for more information.

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